This is the beginning, the actualization (finally!) of something that I wanted to start doing FOR SO LONG … and that’s having my own blog :). I wanted to have my own place, where I can share with every fashion lover out there, my own love for fashion and all things related. It is always so pleasing to see the growing number of fashion blogs, seeing how people share their styling ideas, their passion, their very own view on how a dress, a shirt, some fun shoes, different colors, patterns… should be styled and worn. There is an explosion of blogs,  I love that! We used to see the newest fashion, color, hair, makeup trends only on runway shows, on TV, in magazines. Now, thanks to the “blogosphere” we are exposed to them, thanks to  the ones who actually wear those clothes because they like them, and those people are the bloggers! I think that  fashion bloggers are the new leading power in the fashion industry, at least when it comes to bringing that fashion closer to the “real” people.

When you look through a magazine, or  watch a fashion show on TV, you might think “I couldn’t wear that, that’s a weird combination of colors, probably styled just for a good editorial/a good runway show”, or you might just think  you’ll need a big budget in order to look as good as that, what you see there . But then you see a blog post, with someone who made something their own, created and combined those clothes, colors, seen by their perspective and not by a stylist… and you might just think “I can wear that”  :).

Being stylish does not mean that you have to wear only designer clothes,  actually clothes bought in high street stores, vintage stores or even thrift stores can look so stylish and “expensive”, if you know how to wear them and style them the right way.

I am eager to put my first photos on this blog, show you my own ideas, so feel free to comment, share your opinion, regardless of that if you agree or disagree with my ideas… we all have different styles :), that’s the fun in fashion, the colorfulness, so many different perspectives!

Thanks for visiting!


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