The Kenzo Tiger

To be honest, when I first saw this sweatshirt trend on the runway, I wasn’t really sure about it, to be more specific, I wasn’t really sure that I would wear it. Its just not my thing really, to go out around town in a sweatshirt. Usually when I think of a combination of clothes that includes me, putting on a sweatshirt, it means that I am just staying at home and being all cozy and comfortable :). But then, a miracle happened (well, not really a miracle but you get the point :)), I saw THE TIGER, the Kenzo tiger sweatshirt, that is. I fell in love, right there and then. There was something so amazing and unique about it, that I just had to have it. Of course they were so many bloggers that already owned it and had some great ideas on how you can style it, which made me want it even more :).


Sooo… I went online, searched for a place where I can purchase my little green tiger and guess what?! SOLD OUT, OUT OF STOCK! I was really annoyed and I gave up, I was comforting my self with things like “Come on, it’s only a sweatshirt, you don’t like sweatshirts anyway” (the typical lying to yourself).

So to make this story short, I finally got my hands on it, this summer. I finally own it, the soft, cozy little green thing, I really like it. Haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, since it has been really warm but we are getting our taste of the real Fall here now, so I cant wait to put it on and of course share some pictures with you.

So what do you think about the sweatshirt trend in general? Is it YAY or NAY?



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