The Roaring 20’s, The Era That Changed Everything

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The roaring twenties, the crazy years, the jazz age, these are just a few terms used to describe the 1920’s. I personally am enchanted by this era, I love everything about it. I love the music, the changes and rebirth that happened,  and of course… the fashion. Well, I mean, it is the age of Coco Chanel after all.

The war has ended, people were celebrating their freedom. And since we are talking about the celebration of the freedom… how can I not talk about the new “breed” of women – the “flapper” (right?!).  So what does this term mean? The term flapper stands for a woman who started a new fashion trend, new hair trends, new makeup trends, new behaviors, defying everything that was acceptable until then.

The flappers were the women who wore excessive make up, decided to lose the tight corsets and start wearing straight and loose clothes, dropping on the waist lines, leaving their hands bare. There was a moral revolution, they smoked, they drank, they drove cars, they did everything that was unimaginable and unexpected by a woman.  These changes were interpreted as signs of deeper changes in the American feminine ideal. Not only did fashions change for women but they finally acquired the right to vote. This would be the first time women would have the opportunity to experience many new things.

There were a lot of different hair styles, like the bob cut, Eton crop, the boyish cuts but I especially love the distinguishable and famous “finger waves”. There is something so sophisticated about this hair style and it just “screams” 20’s girl to me. The short skirt and bobbed hair were likely to be used as a symbol of emancipation.

When it comes to the makeup, the big, strong, kohl outlined eyes and the exaggerated “cupid bow” on the upper lip and the exaggerated width of the lower lip, was typical for this age.  From the middle of the twenties the lip colors that were used the most were deep red, deep brownish reds, plum and orange. In the later years, the shades changed. Colors like rose, raspberry and medium red were new trend.

And let’s not forget about all that jazz… 🙂

If you want to see some movies, that will show you what the life was like, the music and styles in this magnificent age, I would recommend my personal favorites “ Coco before Chanel” , “Midnight in Paris” and of course  “The Great Gatsby” .


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