As much as copying to a certain extent, is indeed accepted in the fashion industry, some just take it too far (or maybe that’s just my opinion). High street brands like Zara, Forever 21, H&M and so on, are continuously the target of accusations made by designers, the reason being: YOU COPIED MY ORIGINAL DESIGN. As much as we all like having cheaper alternatives to expensive designer pieces I personally understand where the designer allegations are coming from.

No one likes their efforts, creativity, hours/days/months of work and visual thinking put into a certain design, just shamelessly copied by another brand. So what is your opinion when it comes to this? Do you approve of  these “copycat” items or you think it’s a total rip-off?

Balenciaga                                                                              H&M


Celine                                                                                  H&M


KENZO                                                                                    H&M

Image Image

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Celine Trapeze Bag                                                                                      Forever 21 Trapeze Bag




6 thoughts on “COPYCAT ALERT!

  1. I would be upset if I was a designer and someone knocked off my creativity. However, these H&M rip offs are cute and I would probably buy them especially since they are more inexpensive.

    • I understand your point of view and yes they cost a lot less than the designer pieces but I think that they have well established brands and would just lose their credibility if they copy high end brands. It’s always good to have inexpensive options, just not exact copies of someone’s original design. 🙂

  2. I think that at least in the last few years the copies are more and more ‘identical’ to the original, and I find it unacceptable. Although I also shop from h&m, Zara and co. I stay away from the copies even though I can’t afford Balenciaga or other high end brands. For me it is un-ethical.
    Even so, I don’t understand why each of these companies has so many designers hired if most of the time they just copy:( There is no limit to creativity.

    • That’s exactly my opinion. What’s the point of hiring designers if they just copy the work of others?! And to be honest, here in Macedonia, Serbia etc. brands like Zara and Mango are considered as quite expensive, so I’d rather save my money and buy the designer piece, than spending my money on the copies that these brands make. I mean, it’s not like the quality of the pieces is the same, it’s only the appearance. 🙂

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