Have you seen the  Lanvin Spring Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection? If not, here it is. I am speechless when it comes to this collection, it’s pure perfection. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the “metallics” trend for Spring/Summer 2014 and this is the way to wear it, I love every piece of this collection.

What are your opinions on this trend? Do you see yourselves wearing metallics next spring and summer?

lanvin-spring-summer-14-001_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-002_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-003_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-004_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-005_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-006_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-007_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-008_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-009_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-010_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-011_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-012_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-013_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-014_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-015_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-016_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-017_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-018_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-019_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-020_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-021_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-022_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-023_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-024_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-025_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-026_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-027_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-028_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-029_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-030_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-031_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-032_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-033_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-034_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-035_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-036_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-037_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-038_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-039_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-040_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-041_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-042_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-043_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-044_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-045_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-046_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-047_CA lanvin-spring-summer-14-048_CA


Photo Credit:  http://www.elleuk.com/catwalk/designer-a-z/lanvin/spring-summer-2014/collection


8 thoughts on “LOVIN’ LANVIN

  1. I can’t see myself wearing metallics – it’s too brash for my nature! But the shape of some of the dresses are exquisite . I DO like metallic jewellery though – in fact some of the colours in above outfits: the bronze and teal, are exactly the same shade and shine as some beads I bought only yesterday – glad they will be on trend, thanks for the insight and thanks for visiting my blog too! Cath 🙂

    • Yes, I totally understand you. Metallics are not like an… universally lovable and wearable trend :). Not everyone likes wearing it, it’s not like the black and white trend for example :). But you can incorporate this in your outfits just by adding a statement metallic jewelry piece.

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