RiRi For River Island

In my previous post I was talking about the designer-high street store collaboration between Isabel Marant and H&M.  Today I will share with you another collaboration, this one between Rihanna and River Island. It seems like every big name now-days, likes to give the opportunity to all the “on budget” people in the world, to have designer pieces in their closets.  Rihanna is not the exception. Even though she is not really a designer name, her taste in clothing and her fashion style is one of the best ones out there, no wonder every one wants to get a hold on her clothes.

Her collection for River Island contains 80 pieces of clothes, shoes and accessories  that are  must haves. There are a lot of  of metallics, tartan, strappy shoes, florals, leather.

I am sure we’ll all be buying one or more pieces :).

rihanna-01-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-03-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-04-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-05-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-06-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-07-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-08-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-09-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-10-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-11-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-12-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-13-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-14-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-15-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-16-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-17-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-18-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-19-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-20-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-21-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-22-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-23-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-24-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-25-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-26-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-27-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-28-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-29-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-30-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-31-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-32-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-33-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-34-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-35-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-36-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-37-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-38-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-39-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-41-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-43-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-44-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-45-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-46-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639 rihanna-47-Vogue-17Oct13-pr_b_426x639

Photo Credit: www.vogue.co.uk


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