Katy Perry and Those Over-The-Knee Socks!

It seems like every time I see Katy Perry appearing on a show, or see photos of her, one thing she never forgets to put on is a pair of over-the-knee socks. And let me tell you, I love them. Well, I mean, I wouldn’t wear them every time I go out but I think they can be adorable as much as they can be sexy. You can style them however you want. They have such a youthful appearance, they remind me of Cher from the movie we all love, Clueless!




Photo Credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk      http://www.celebuzz.com

What’s your opinion on these socks? Will you be joining Katy (and me :)) in the “over-the-knee-socks fan club”? 🙂

article-2056436-0EA17C5100000578-338_634x959 How-to-wear-over-the-knee-socks knee-high-socks Pictures-Vera-Wang-Pre-Fall-2012-Runway-Collection-Knee-High-Socks-Asymetrical-Hemlines-Cool-Layering-more


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