Miley Cyrus Outfits I’d Actually Wear!

She is one of the most talked about celebrities at the moment. Not everyone is saying nice things though. Remember that infamous VMA performance? I bet you do. No one can forget that :).

I can’t say I particularly like her style (in general) but I must admit I have been seeing her in some “normal” looking pieces, that I really like and would actually wear.  What is your opinion about Miley and her style? Is is too outrageous for you or you see yourselves wearing a few of her pieces?

These are a few of her outfits that I would totally wear!

miley-cyrus-robin-thickeMiley_Cyrus_Los_Angeles_April_18_2013miley-lax-airportmiley-cyrus-and-top-shop-aztec-boucle-shorts-galleryscreen-shot-2013-06-29-at-181837miley-cyrus-leather-skirt-rocker-t-shirt-london-h724Miley-Cyrus-Paranoia-Los-Angeles-Premiere-Proenza-Schouler-Spring-2013-dressmiley-cyrus-jumpsuit-maxin-red-carpet-h724 miley-cyrus-versace-vintage-iheart-radio-h724



Photo Credit: Splash News/ via Topshop , Getty Images


8 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Outfits I’d Actually Wear!

  1. I think miley has a great sense of style 🙂 People exaggerate a lot about her being a so called ‘Sl*t’ and all. She is just trying to be someone else and trying to get rid of her hannah montana attitude. Of course she makes mistakes ans she isn’t perfect but these photo’s prove she is still beautiful and still knows how to dress beautiful. Lovely post! x Jana

    • I like her style, but this toned down one, not the outrageous one :). You are right about her trying to get rid of that H.M attitude, she just has to do it in a more… classy way, just a tiny bit more classy :). Glad you like the post!


  2. The thing is, from a pure style perspective I think she rocks some fabulous looks as you show here. She works with Rachel Zoe, I believe, so that shows some serious effort towards style class and fashion intelligence! I think once she gets past the outrageous (or maybe while she’s working it out) she will still show us some fierce style moments. Great post!! xx

    • Her style reminds me a bit of Rihanna’s. The thing is, we are not used to seeing Miley looking like this, unlike Rihanna. She has been fierce in her choice of outfits for a while. Thanks, glad you like it :).


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