Designer Crush: Zuhair Murad

I think that by now, you know that my designer love is Karl Lagerfeld, but I am allowed to have  crushes on other designers :). One of those crushes is the amazing Zuhair Murad. This amazing Lebanese designer made his first appearance on the catwalks of Rome in 1999.  Chosen by L’agenzia per la Moda to appear at the official opening of the 2001 festival in Rome, he quickly became known as one of the best designers in Italy. Not only has Murad made his mark on the elite Italian catwalks but also on the renowned French platforms as well as the rest of the key fashion cities.

He is the designer choice of many celebrities today. Some of those stars are Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Katy Perry, Nina Dobrev and so on.

13643_P_1365371729522 blake-lively-premiere-of-savages-wearing-zuhair-murad-couture-gown__oPt ite-dress-Zuhair-Murad-2013-Golden-Globe-Awards-3-300x450 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Roaming Arrivals jennifer-lopez-zuhair-murad-dress-met-gala-2010-red-carpet Katyperry nina-dobrev-in-zuhair-murad-cowboys-and-aliens-premiere__oPt                        nina-dobrev-wearing-jimmy-choo-and-zuhair-murad                   who-is-zuhair-murad_GB

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Enjoy his Fall/Winter 13-14 collection and add some new things to that “Dear Santa” letter!

3645152011439 14340163011404 24341456611405 28450789711431 31451071611434 34342465711406 35451449511438 38451723911441 44343766111407 54344757211408 64345477011409 74346641011410 84347456111411 94348244811412 104349587411413 114350921811414 124351164511415 134352180911416 144353798711417 154354985711418 164355166211419 174356215111420 184357763611421 194358252411422 204359678411423 214360718911424 224361369911425 234362588111426 244363905811427 254504109511428 264505660211429 274506759211430 294508805011432 304509416111433 324511814511435 334512905111436 344513262611437 374516905011440 394518149911442 404519465911443

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