Man Up!

Did you know that menswear inspired shoes are a big trend now for us girls? Well if you didn’t know, I will share my knowledge with you :).  I am your typical “Carrie Bradshaw” kind, I love me some shoes, you can never have enough of them. As much as  like wearing high heels , and when I say  high I mean really high, I am talking about 12-15 cm here, I also like to put on some flats and give my legs a break. And flats can sometimes be a bit boring, so I choose the ones that are not ordinary looking, there has to be something distinguishing and eye – catching about them.

I am also the kind of person that goes into extremes, that also portrays in my style and fashion choices. I will wear 12 cm feminine stilettos one day and the next day you’ll see me wearing a suit and oxfords. And here we get to the point where I share one of my favorite type of shoes at the moment,  the shoes this post is actually about, menswear inspired shoes. They are not your “pretty, girly” shoe. I mean duh, they are inspired by men! You have the oxford, the brogue, the loafer, the double monk, the Chelsea boot, smoking slippers, all you have to do is choose!

Are you gonna go for this “gender – bender” look this season? I already have 🙂

main.original.466x530 (1) main.original.466x530 (2) main.original.466x530 (3) main.original.466x530oxfords-0808women images1355228254-10227300il_570xN.483628474_e1xxDel-Toro1ovadia-sons-double-monk-suede__82550_zoomsmoking-loafers-women-2012

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15 thoughts on “Man Up!

    • I really like them with a fitted suit, I especially like the Tom Ford suits. It’s so tough and yet feminine at the same time (if that makes any sense :)). Now that you got some inspiration it’s time to hit the stores! 🙂

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