For a Festive NYE

For a Festive NYE


2014 Trend Report: The Jumpsuit and The Romper

As I was watching the S/S 2014 runway shows, I couldn’t help but notice that the jumpsuits were EVERYWHERE. I remember they were a big trend a few seasons ago but they are obviously making a comeback! Jumpsuits and rompers  can look really classy and they come in many different styles, there’s a lot to choose from.


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                                             VALENTINO                                                                                      VINCE

NMB2CWD_mk 00220m  NMT78FQ_mk

NANETTE LEPORE                                                  BRUNELLO CUCINELLI

 NMT71J0_mk                              NM-4SLF_mk

CHRISTIAN DIOR                                         SAINT LAURENT                                   ELIE SAAB

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Gifts for Him

The holidays are coming! So, the Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, in 3 days!!! The Orthodox Christmas (the one we celebrate here) is celebrated on January 7th. I love this time of the year, I love when everyone gets into that holiday mood, that time that you get to spend with your loved ones, the Christmas traditions and of course… the presents :).

I like giving presents as much I like receiving them. But sometimes, it’s so hard to find the perfect gift, especially if you don’t know the person very well. I personally, have a hard time figuring out what to get for men, whether it’s for my family members or my friends. People usually think that just getting a perfume for a guy is the simplest thing and a “safe” present, but I disagree. I think that a perfume is such a personal and individual thing, you can rarely get it right (unless you really know the person and his taste). Another thing, unless you are buying for your boyfriend or husband, please don’t buy underwear as a present, it just gives the wrong message :).

So what should we buy for men? I have a few ideas and things that I would get for a guy as a present.

1. Watch  


2. Tech-thing (in this case, the iPad mini)


3. Sweater


4. Game tickets (so he can go and see his favorite team)


5. A scarf (to keep him warm :))


6. Ski goggles (for those skiing fanatics)


7. Headphones


8. Small, portable working out equipment (just make sure that he doesn’t get you wrong :))


9. Surprise him with a planned trip (this is definitely a great present for a boyfriend or husband :))


10. And for those people you are not really close to… you can always get them a nice bottle of whiskey or wine 🙂


Rihanna Found Love For Balmain

Guess who landed the title ” new face of Balmain”! You guessed right (or assumed by the title :)), its RiRi!  She will be the face of  the upcoming spring/summer 2014 campaign, that will launch in January 2014.

Olivier Rousteing , the creative director of Balmain, had a few things to say about the star. According to him: “In front of the camera, she makes you feel like she is the only girl in the world. When the woman that inspires you wears your creations, your vision feels complete.”

The place where the adverts were shot is New York, the photographers were Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and the styling was by Mel Ottenberg, who actually is Rihanna’s personal stylist.

Here is a little sneak peek of the campaign…

RIHANNA-1                              balmain-rihanna-vogue-2-17dec13-twitter_b_426x639Rihanna-for-Balmain-campaign-2940046 Rihanna-for-Balmain-campaign-2940077

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Hit The High Street : MANGO

Almost every time before I go shopping, I check out the online catalogs of the stores I plan to shop in. This not only because I want to see the collections but also because it makes shopping so much easier. You go online, you see what you like and you know what you are going to buy even before you hit the stores.

If you are like me, then you spend hours shopping! To cut the shopping time , I do this online “picking” first.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the latest “MANGO” collection. Hope you can find something you like and tell me if you actually decide to buy something from this favorites of mine. 🙂

11033521_10   11065524_0213017503_0213059011_0213039015_0613017517_02_D113090005_0213095503_ZC13095550_0313065568_0213063564_6313077533_0213093506_OW21090122_OW11035621_7511023538_TS       11030220_03 11083511_OW   13053606_6313047533_OW13037553_8613095545_0213019037_0213005546_02  13045564_02_R11079005_0213055636_0211043565_02-16020084_02-13075601_0221090226_0221040185_3113063534_0213013586_02   13017522_LD  13075636_0213007573_02   13045566_0213040227_OW 11049005_OW           13070059_N1                21060183_02  13085577_0221080111_0211093571_0211098803_0211010206_TN15075593_TN21020240_0213073570_TG15015594_9615043573_9411069005_0211040134_0211053598_3V11065588_B213023612_2113055563_2111057564_N113053591_LR13075621_02