Chanel Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection

chanel-paris-dallas-2013-14-kristen-stewart-and-karl-lagerfeldWhen:December 10th

Where: Fair Park, Dallas

Face of the campaign: Kristen Stewart

 914359-1_l914363-1_l 914367-1_l

914371-1_l 914375-1_l 914379-1_l 914383-1_l 914387-1_l914391-1_l

914395-1_l 914401-1_l 914405-1_l 914409-1_l 914411-1_l 914413-1_l 914421-1_l 914425-1_l914429-1_l

914433-1_l 914437-1_l 914441-1_l 914445-1_l 914449-1_l 914453-1_l 914455-1_l 914459-1_l 914465-1_l 914469-1_l 914473-1_l914477-1_l

914481-1_l 914489-1_l 914493-1_l 914497-1_l 914501-1_l 914505-1_l 914509-1_l 914513-1_l914517-1_l

914519-1_l 914525-1_l 914529-1_l 914533-1_l 914543-1_l  914547-1_l914553-1_l 914679-1_l914347-1_l
914349-1_l 914353-1_l  

You can see the full collection here

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