Hit The High Street : MANGO

Almost every time before I go shopping, I check out the online catalogs of the stores I plan to shop in. This not only because I want to see the collections but also because it makes shopping so much easier. You go online, you see what you like and you know what you are going to buy even before you hit the stores.

If you are like me, then you spend hours shopping! To cut the shopping time , I do this online “picking” first.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the latest “MANGO” collection. Hope you can find something you like and tell me if you actually decide to buy something from this favorites of mine. 🙂

11033521_10   11065524_0213017503_0213059011_0213039015_0613017517_02_D113090005_0213095503_ZC13095550_0313065568_0213063564_6313077533_0213093506_OW21090122_OW11035621_7511023538_TS       11030220_03 11083511_OW   13053606_6313047533_OW13037553_8613095545_0213019037_0213005546_02  13045564_02_R11079005_0213055636_0211043565_02-16020084_02-13075601_0221090226_0221040185_3113063534_0213013586_02   13017522_LD  13075636_0213007573_02   13045566_0213040227_OW 11049005_OW           13070059_N1                21060183_02  13085577_0221080111_0211093571_0211098803_0211010206_TN15075593_TN21020240_0213073570_TG15015594_9615043573_9411069005_0211040134_0211053598_3V11065588_B213023612_2113055563_2111057564_N113053591_LR13075621_02


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