She Wolf of Wall Street

Fitted, tailored, masculine suits, the perfect choice for a woman that likes to get that “power look”. I have mentioned before, I love these gender bender outfits, who says only a man can look good in a suit?! I enjoy being feminine but sometimes you need that strong, almost “boyish” look and you should definitely go for it. Even though most of the time when you think of a suit, the first thought you get is MANLY, I personally find suits to be quite sexy… especially when you add a pair of 12 cm stilettos, to make the outfit complete :).

So go for it ladies! Find the perfect suit for you and work that androgynous  look!

I have to admit, I am kinda obsessed with these MANGO suits, want them, need them, have to have them! 🙂

11045569_RB-11023505_01-11055569_RB-13070081_02-13040070_63 11073564_02-11000135_02-11023573_02-16020084_02 11075541_02 11085588_02-13043575_02-15035549_02-13060080_02-16020084_02 21060102_02-23030084_OW-21020240_02-23060170_02 21080126_02-21047587_OW-21080106_02-23053525_02-23060170_02

And how a few  famous fashionistas wore them…

Play (1) Play (2) Play (3) Play (4) Play (5) stacy kiebler Untitled Work (1) Work (2) Work    06f74435-f18e-4b0a-86fe-ccd15548053a   alexa-chung-suit

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