Label to watch: Ground Zero

Eri and Philip Chu, the creative designer (brother) duo behind the “Ground Zero” label, have presented their “Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014” collection at the Paris Fashion Week, back in September 2013. Bright, electric colors, graphic and floral prints were the things that marked this collection. I really liked the transition from the toned down, “no makeup”  to the bold, futuristic make up look.

Some of these daring, statement  pieces actually remind me of Ricardo Tisci’s designs for Givenchy (probably because of the crazy prints). I really love this collection, it  basically “screams” SPRING to me, so I got inspired, visited and ordered some similar pieces :). Hope this collection inspires you to update your spring/summer wardrobe.


Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200003_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200017_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200030_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200040_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200051_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200065_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200075_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200090_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200105_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200116_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200135_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200138_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200155_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200166_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200176_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200186_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200199_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200205_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200223_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200237_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200253_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200271_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200278_catwalk_img_400_665 Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200298_catwalk_img_400_665Ground-20Zero-20RS14-200302_catwalk_img_400_665

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