Trend Report: McDonald’s Moschino?!

That’s right! The American designer Jeremy Scott, debuted his MOSCHINO collection on the runway at Milan Fashion Week and proved that the title “Creative director” of MOSCHINO couldn’t have been given to anyone else. I find it genius how he took something that kinda says…. “junk”(I apologize to all of the McDonald’s lovers out there :)) and turned into something so “high fashion”.   He transformed the iconic yellow “M” logo, and turned it into MOSCHINO’s own M-heart logo.The red and yellow colored pieces, with the iconic McDonald’s logo were instantly EVERYWHERE.

images (2)            images (4)        images

And once you see Anna Dello Russo wearing something, of course you start craving it (no pun intended :)).

Moschino - Dinner - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Did you think that was all? How about “Sponge Bob” inspired pieces?!  McDonald’s was not the only brand given the fashion treatment.  The candy lovers will love this part , there was a ruffled Hershey’s bar dress, a microwaveable popcorn dress, and a flowing gown fit for the queen of the King of Beers.

Moschino+Fall+2014+Riley Moschino+Fall+2014+Grace  bc0688d8f943d1ab9ec40e656f3fa7f2

Moschino+Fall+2014+Jourdan-Dunn+2  470773925_526646j Moschino+Fall+2014+Maria-Borges

My personal favorites to be completely honest, were the leather pieces, with the incredibly sexy, layered belt motifs. And of course you have to love everything that’s “Chanel” inspired, and there were some great quilted bomber jackets, skirts and here comes the fun part… quilted sweatpants :).

Moschino+Fall+2014+_Leomie Moschino+Fall+2014+Cindy  Moschino+Fall+2014+jasmine

Moschino+Fall+2014+Jourdan-Dunn  Moschino+Fall+2014+Leona  Moschino+Fall+2014+Maria-Borges+2


Photo courtesy: Getty Images


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