Back to Blogging! Missed you guys!

Hi everyone. Haven’t had any posts for A WHILE now (guilty as charged :)). I haven’t had time to blog as much as I had when I first started my blog. I know that’s the oldest excuse in the book, but due to professional obligations, my job… etc. my blog has been on “stand by”. Now, when I opened my blog and started writing this post… I realized how much I’ve missed this.

Before I start writing and posting fashion related posts (fashion is all that after all :)), here is a little update through photos on what I have been up to… :).

Missed you all!



Summer in Budva, Montenegro

IMG_3587[1] IMG_3652[1] IMG_3599[1] IMG_3714[1] IMG_3795[1] IMG_3891[1] IMG_3900[1] IMG_4081[1] IMG_4131[1] IMG_4141[1]IMG_4160[1]

Summer in Jance, Macedonia (Mountains after the Sea)

IMG_4147[1] IMG_4151[1]  IMG_4167[1] IMG_4197[1] IMG_4205[1] IMG_4159[1] IMG_4190[1]

Winter in Bansko, Bulgaria

IMG_6475[1] IMG_6478[1] IMG_6484[1] IMG_6486[1] IMG_6487[1] IMG_6489[1]


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